• A number of people with Leicestershire Pawley ancestry have recently made contact through this website - keep them coming!
  • Some new information about the remarkable Susannah Pawley, wife of the Napoleonic War Royal Marine - married four times, as it now transpires: almost as many as The Wife of Bath!

Are you a Leicestershire Pawley or do you think you may be related to one?

Here's a simple proposition: anybody with the surname Pawley and Leicestershire roots is likely to be related - in many cases, traceably related - to everybody else with the same surname and background.

The aim of this website is to explore this idea and to try to document the evidence for it. 

Historians now recognise that even common surnames can often be traced back to quite specific parts of the country. There is nothing unusual about the Pawleys other than their comparatively rare surname and some historical accidents that mean the early evidence is more extensive than for a lot of families; but these two things still make them strong candidates for closer study.There has never been a better time to undertake a project like this. In recent years, technology and the internet have revolutionised what it is possible to discover about families, their origins and connections.

You'll find a whole range of information on this website - some quite broadly sketched and some very detailed - but not much about how it has been gathered. All historical information is essentially a hypothesis, accurate only until it is disproved by other evidence. Every hypothesis deserves to be tested to destruction because, if it's accurate, it will survive the process and if not, it needs to be corrected. That principle applies to everything here.

This website is therefore a work in progress and will change as new information comes to light, so bookmark it and check back for updates and changes.

Every attempt has been made not to infringe the copyright of the pictures used on this website. If inadvertent errors have occurred please use the contacts page to report them.